Sahyadri Imaging Centre

With the motive of providing high quality diagnostic imaging services, Sahyadri Imaging Centre wasreplica watches established in the year of 2006 with ultramodern facilities
including first ever Superconductive MRI system (Siemens, Magnetom 1 Tesla) in the region.
We sincerely appreciate the faith replica watches uk and support shown for our venture by the clinicians over last 7 yrs which encouraged us to upgrade the MRI facility at our centre.
It gives us immense pride and pleasure to introduce the latest GE Signa 1.5 Tesla HDxt MRI system (16 channel), the most advanced next generation MRI facility in
Aurangabad, Marathwada region, to swiss replica watches meet the needs of modern trends in the field of imaging.
This MRI system acts much faster than any other MRI facility, thereby halving the time required for any procedure. The image clarity is also far superior, allowing far
more accurate diagnosis - even in most complicated cases. The HDxt technology features significant advances in acquisition, gradients and the human interface. The HDxt

  • Other facilities at our centre are Digital X Ray, Ultrasonography and Color Doppler.
    Once again we thanks for all your support in past, and expect the same in future for our latest venture in the field of MRI.
    Dr. DB
    Dr. Sartaj Pathan

welcome to Sahayadri Imaging Centre

MRI features a detachable patient table, actively shielded magnet, actively shielded magnetic-field gradients, and phased array digital radio frequency electronics,
high-density (HD) coils for imaging of Brain, Spine, Breast, Body and Extrimities.
Large FOV 48cm for scanning abdomen pelvis and spine in one go.
Unprecedented power, clarity, speed and convenience, all the unique features of it with twice the power of previous generation MRI's - and over five times the power of
best open MRI, it takes the HDxt less time to scan, even with its greatest clarity, which makes the whole experience more comfortable and convenient.

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